Vehicle Write Off Notification Solution (VWS)

Our Vehicle Write Off Notification Solution (VWS) helps Ireland’s insurers comply with Part 2 of the Road Traffic Act 2016 by streamlining and managing the process of notifying the Department of Transport (DOT) within five working days of an inspection of vehicles classified as Category A (Scrap only) or Category B (some salvageable parts).

Seamless Integration

VWS uses the Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS) technology to send a data file to the DOT for vehicles categorised as write-off A or B.

The data file consists of legislatively required data fields which include the following:  Make, Model, Chassis/VIN Number, and Body Type,  Date of Inspection, Date of Accident, Salvage Category, Client and Claim Number.

When a write-off Category A or B is processed via VIMS (Users) or uploaded via our dedicated VWS Portal (Non VIMS Users) this automatically generates a transmission file to the DOT at the start of each business day (Monday through Friday).

Once submitted, this is validated, approved and recorded on the National Vehicle & Driver File (NVDF) Server.

If you submit the wrong Category or a vehicle has changed from B to C; no problem!, simply process a new report via VIMS or revoke the file via the VWS Portal and this will immediately generate a new transmission to the DOT the next business day and the file within the NVDF will be restored to the previous status prior to be VWS notification.

Tracking and Reporting

Full audit trail of data transmissions and notifications is recorded at VIMS file and VWS Portal level for Information and audit purposes.

What to Do Next?

If you are an Insurer and require a cost-effective, seamless process to comply with your write-off statutory obligations, don’t delay and contact us today for a free VWS demonstration.

Did you know?

The Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS) is approved by a number of major insurers in Ireland and because it is fully integrated with VWS, Insurers benefit from a robust and fully managed workflow solution that ensures data quality and enhanced reporting. Click here to find out more about VIMS.
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Dont have access to VIMS?

Don't have access to VIMS? No problem, we can provide you independent access to our Write Off Notification portal where you can submit write offs on a file by file basis. Our portal supports users across Insurers, Assessing Companies, Repairers and is accessible via a browser, tablet or smart phone.
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