Software as a Service (SAAS)

Codepak provides effective centrally managed cloud based workflow solutions without the need for installing software onsite. This includes customisable workflows, improved management/oversight and integration friendly systems.

This means you can realise the following benefits:

Lower up-front cost — Fees are charged on a per file fee with no up-front licence fees or need to invest in expensive software or hardware to host the application. We manage the IT Infrastructure and ongoing running of the software, resulting in lower initial costs.

Speed to Value – Get up and running quickly with the current Industry model or alternatively we will work with you to configure the solution to your unique business needs.

Integrations – We have significant experience configuring and implementing integrations between products, systems and companies. This allows you to migrate inbound and outbound data and streamline your workflow business process.

Accessibility — Our systems are accessible from any device or location 24/7. All you need is a device and internet access, giving you the freedom to work without limitation; anywhere, anytime. This is especially beneficial if you are not confined to a central location or office.

IT expertise — We’re passionate about technology, our experienced team manage, troubleshoot and maintain the applications so you do not have to. Our expert team maintain system reliability and data security.

Scalability — As your business grows, the system evolves with you, we can quickly add users without the need to install additional software.

Codepak Solutions

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