Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS)

VIMS is a market leading, industry advanced, flexible and secure cloud-based system that streamlines the Insurance Claims Management Process. This allows stakeholders such as Insurers, Service Providers, Internal & External Engineers, Recovery Agents, Repairers and Salvage Agents to seamlessly and effectively communicate and collaborate in a single platform.


We use a variety of methods to secure our network and servers as well as our software and web applications. Our data retention policy is fully GDPR compliant. Our business continuity plans are comprehensive and in-line with ISO Standard and our employees maintain organizational security measures designed to keep your data safe.

Quality Management & Compliance

Comprehensive quality programs and business rules can be specified through our auditing tool to automatically detect anomalies and measure performance based on parameters you determine. Implement a manual review and scorecard on incoming reports and measure performance based on your own criteria.

Estimating Tool Compatible

Fully compatible with estimating tools. i.e. Auda EnterpriseGold (AEG) is fully integrated. This facilitates comprehensive management information as well as communications and workflow management to and from work and service providers.

Maximise Automation and Efficiency

Integrate your claims system with our solution. This will eliminate manual procedures, provide greater real-time control, improve customer service, data accuracy and reduce response times/costs.

Vendor Management & Compliance

Effortlessly manage, measure and communicate with your network of engineers, repairers and salvage agents ensuring compliance at corporate and task level.

Comprehensive Management Reporting

Pivoted in a variety of ways and available in real-time. Analyse your data to illustrate the savings, highlight anomalies and drill down to actual file level to determine causality.

Real Time Reporting

Stakeholders can view their work allocation, submit and receive reports and manage their own work real-time.


Comprehensive Benchmark Tracking and reporting for easy Service Level Agreement configuration.

Salvage Disposal

Online Salvage and Salvage Disposal Workflow Processes.

Cost Saving

Full repairer final account on line management which streamlines the vendor relationships and saves cost and effort.

Data Analysis

Manage your business by identifying lost economic opportunities in a variety of ways including real-time.


Track trends and identify potential training requirements.


Communication Module allowing you to notify customers by SMS, eMail or letter on the status of any given claim at various stages of the claim.

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